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"Piso Thrania"

An Initiative for Education Without Discriminations


The teachers of "Piso Thrania" welcome their students!!!


The final reception date for students is Monday, 07/10/13 at 18.00 at "Steki Metanaston" (Tsamadou street 13, Exarchia). We invite students who are interested (old and new, either they have already applied for an inscription or not) to come on Monday to complete their inscription and meet this year's teachers of "Piso Thrania".


We remind you that inscriptions of new students have already started and they are not limited to this precise date, but will continue during the following days.


Greek language courses for adult immigrants and refugees take place in "Steki Metanaston" (Tsamadou street 13, Exarchia) from Monday to Friday 18:00-20:00.


A few words about "Piso Thrania"


"Piso Thrania" was created in autumn 1999 as part of the "Network for the Social Support to Immigrants and Refugees", as an initiative of active solidarity to political and economical refugees. The goal of the group is to offer free Greek language courses to adult immigrants and refugees, to inform and help immigrants' and refugees' families as far as it concerns their children's education in greek schools, and finally to establish active solidarity between Greeks and immigrants as well as among immigrants from different origins.

The goal of the teaching part of "Piso Thrania" is to teach a basic vocabulary in greek, which constitutes a necessary condition for an elementary integration in greek society, and to explain several rules of grammar and syntax, important for the correct use of spoken and written greek language.

In the same time we take part in actions such as the Anti-racist Festival, organized by the "Coordination of Immigrants' and Anti-racist Organizations", demonstrations, protests and mobilizations against any racist and anti-immigration policy.


We all stand up together for a world where many worlds fit!


Athens 26/09/2013